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Am just a mistake?
You thought you couldn't have babies anymore?
And you didn't want anymore?
You say that you've gave up your life to your kids bur no more?
Mom I don't get it
You said I love you
Then make it like my life is turning up side down
I really don't understand you mom
If you don't want me then I'll get rid of my self for you
alittlebitoffaith Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
Psalms 91:14,15 says because on me he has set his affection I shall also provide him with escape I shall protect him because he has come to know my name he will call upon me and I shall answer him I shall be with him in distress I shall rescue him and glorify him ... God is there for us! Another scripture says Jehovah is the hearer of prayer.
Throw your burden upon Jehovah And he himself will sustain you he will never let you totter. Pour out your heart to god cry it doesn't matter just pray to him he will help you!
alittlebitoffaith Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
No no no..... Don't get rid of yourself listen even if they did not mean to have you your here on earth for a reason...
Psalms 34:18 says god is near to those broken at heart and the crushed soul he certainly saves this shows even if ur parents don't love you. God does!
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